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His vehicle hit the window of a car rental agency!

A 74-year-old motorist lost control of his car, which dismantled the window of the Europcar agency in Saint-Malo…

The scene takes place in Saint-Malo, in the station district. As he drove quietly behind the wheel of his car, this 74-year-old motorist lost control of his carwho came to fit in the window of the Europcar agency. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Big damage in the agency

On Wednesday August 16, in Saint-Malo, at the end of the morning, the motorist in question had the fear of his life when his vehicle escaped him. Worse still, he literally destroyed the window of the car rental agency Europcar. Of the major damage were observed when the police arrived. Given the crowds at the scene, it’s a small miracle that there were no injuries. According to the first elements of the investigation, the car of this 74-year-old man would have made “a straight line” when leaving a parking lot at the SNCF station.

The car drove onto the sidewalk and ended up at a Europcar agency. The driver apparently did a faintness. Beyond the window, the furniture of the agency suffered serious damage.

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No casualties

After the accident, the septuagenarian was transferred to the nearest hospital center. He suffered from chest pain. According to a witness, the violence of the shock resounded through the walls: “We heard a big boom. The walls shook, we wondered what was going on. There are always people on this sidewalk. We were really lucky that no pedestrians were hit. »

The front of the Europcar car rental agency will have to be replaced after this accident. The nearby bakery and fast food restaurants came close to the tragedy. From now on, wooden panels protect the agencyin place of the glass showcase, which shattered.

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