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How do I restart my car if its battery is flat?

In the event of battery failure following a long immobilization for example, there is of course the good old technique of crocodile clips to recharge it. But there are others, just as effective…

It is a common breakdown as old as the worldwhich can occur after a long immobilization, or difficult climatic conditions: find yourself with your car battery flat. Do not panic if this happens to you, there are three effective methods to recharge it!

With alligator clips

To restart a broken down car, there is of course the technique of jumper cables to plug into another car. Start by making sure both cars are off. Open the covers and locate the positive (+) and negative (-) battery terminals. Attach a red clamp to the positive (+) terminal of the charged battery. Then the other end to the same terminal of the discharged battery. Attach a black clamp to the negative (-) terminal of the charged battery. And the other black clip to an unpainted metal surface of the broken down car engine. Start the loaded car and let it run. Try to start the stalled car. If nothing happens, give small throttle with the car loaded. Once started, let the two cars run for a few minutes, and disconnect the cables in the reverse order at the end of the operation.

pushing the car

If you have a car equipped with a manual transmissionit is possible to restart the car in third gear using the “push-start” technique or “push start”. To do this, start by making sure the area where you plan to start is clear and free of traffic. Ideally, choose an area with a gentle downhill slope to make starting easier. Place the ignition key in the “ON” position, but do not start the engine.

Put the car in third gear keeping the clutch depressed. Ask one or more people to help you push the car. When you have reached a certain speed by pushing the car, play with the ignition key while releasing the clutch and holding the accelerator pedal depressed. If all goes well, the engine should start to rev and the car should start. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again by adjusting the thrust speed and the coordination between the clutch and the accelerator.

With a battery booster

A battery booster is a wearable device used to start a vehicle autonomously. To use it, first make sure the booster is sufficiently charged. Connect the red cable (positive) from the booster to the positive terminal of the discharged battery and the black (negative) cable to a metal surface from the motor, away from the battery. Turn on the booster and wait a while for the energy to be transferred. Try to start the engine. Once started, disconnect the black cable first, then the red cable. Drive the vehicle to recharge the battery. You can find some in a car center or on the Internet for about a hundred euros.

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