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Is the most expensive new car in the world a big scam?

Rolls-Royce has just presented the Droptail, a model produced in only four copies for 23 million euros each. But is it really worth its price?

What’s better than a limited series to earn money? Manufacturers of sports, luxury and prestige cars have understood this well, and for a few years now, we see arriving almost every week a new model even more exclusive, even rarer and even more expensive.

This phenomenon can be observed on several scales. At Alpine, the special series are now far from the basic A110 billed 60,000 euros. An R version claims more than double, while the new version under development could reach heights.

At Porsche, the marketing department is very imaginative, especially drawing on the brand’s past. The 911 is the best example, with the Heritage range and the 911 Sport Classic, Dakar and other STs. Exclusive models, sold at high prices, but based on already existing models so as not to blow up the development budget.

Then there are the luxury brands, like Ferrari, which produce unique models for certain customers. The prices are never mentioned, but again, the engineers base themselves on an already existing model so that the model in question remains profitable. We do not develop a platform and an engine for a model, or even a small series.

Luxury, luxury and more luxury

At Rolls-Royce, we push the cork a little far. The model you see in photo, this is the new Droptail. It would be billed, according to some British journalists, more than 23 million euros and will be manufactured in only four units. This would therefore make it the most expensive new car in the world. Even the most exclusive Bugattis did not reach this price level.

The Rolls-Royce Droptail is one of these very limited series special Rolls reserved for wealthy customers. After the Sweptail then the Boat Tail discovered two years ago, the Droptail in its “La Rose Noire” version goes even further in terms of refinement.

Just look at the interior, with an even finer finish than the “classic” models in the range and its removable 43 mm Audemars Piguet watch integrated into the dashboard. The roof is made of carbon, but it does not benefit from an electrical architecture to be retracted automatically. It will be up to the owner (or his valet, at this price level…) to do it manually.

Under the hood, we find a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 thermal block of 601 horsepower, enough to bring down the 0 to 100 km / h in 5.0 seconds and spin at 250 km / h. The structure is made to measure using aluminium, steel and carbon fibre.

A rebodied model billed far too much?

This model, even if, once is not custom, the structure has been modified, is generally based on the organs of already existing cars and, of course, much less “expensive”. At this price, the customer therefore buys the exclusivity of an almost unique model, with a level of refinement rarely equaled, of course, but which certainly does not put a slap in the face of the other Rolls in the range.

If the English manufacturer has demand for this kind of project, it would be wrong to deprive itself of it, especially since the margin achieved for this kind of car must be absolutely mind-blowing. But with the proliferation of special series and unique models of all kinds, will this type of product retain the residual value expected by customers who buy this type of car? Nothing is less sure.
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