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Lamborghini Lanzador: an electric GT with more than 1,300 hp

On the occasion of Pebble Beach, Lamborghini caused a sensation by presenting a 100% electric concept car named Lanzador. It foreshadows the brand’s first 100% electric Lamborghini, which will arrive in 2028.

The fourth model in Lamborghini’s lineup will be electric. It’s now official with this concept car, unveiled well in advance of the production version, that the bull firm named “Lanzador”. Presented during Monterey Car Week, this GT 2+2 concept is not really a surprise, in the sense that the brand had already announced it last year.

About five years before the final version, expected in 2028 (three years later than Ferrari, which will present its first electric model in 2025), the Lamborghini Lanzador is unveiled, announcing at the same time many new features that will arrive on the production model. . Lamborghini had generally done the same thing with the Urus and its concept presented in 2012 for a final version marketed in 2018.

As usual, the technical details were not revealed, especially because they are still under development by the engineers of Sant’Agata, where the Lanzador will be produced. But the concept presented already gives some clues.

A melting pot of several Lamborghinis?

Presented in an “Azzurro Abissale” color designed especially for Pebble Beach, the Lamborghini Lanzador immediately betrays its DNA, even if its proportions and the segment in which it fits are still new. This slightly raised concept car is a kind of clever melting pot between a Sesto Elemento, a Murcielago and a Countach LPI 800-4, all in a car that wants to be a little more family friendly.

The front bonnet, very short and sloping, conceals a frunk while the rear trunk, visible thanks to the tailgate, promises to accommodate mountain bikes, skis or even paragliding equipment. Lovers of outdoor activities will no doubt be delighted.

The ALA system (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva), already introduced on the Huracan Performante and the Aventador SVJ, is enriched with new mobile devices at the front, with a grille and active splitters whose mission is to guarantee the cooling of the brakes and electromechanical components, but also a better aerodynamic load depending on the driving modes.

A cabin worthy of a fighter jet

The Lanzador’s cabin is designed to accommodate four people in a 2+2 configuration that makes maximum use of the space offered by the electrical architecture. The cockpit was designed in a Y-shape, with fighter jet controls. All this obviously has its small effect, it remains to be seen what the production model will retain of all these eccentricities.

The interiors of future Lamborghinis are assembled from high quality sustainable or recycled materials and are all made in Italy. Even the seat foam is made from 3D-printed recycled fibers, while some carbon components are made from recycled carbon.

Insane Power

As stated above, Lamborghini has not released any technical information regarding the powertrain. We just know that the Lanzador will be built on the new SSP modular electric platform, a platform that will arrive in 2025 from Audi.

The Lanzador will be equipped with two electric motors, one per axle, and the set will develop more than 1,300 hp. Battery capacity and range have not been announced at this time.

Lamborghini will incorporate a new version of the driving dynamics control system, namely the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI). Thanks to sensors and radars, the Italian brand promises to make driving behavior even more precise and exhilarating: the more sensors there are, and therefore data provided to the control system, the more detailed the algorithm will be to provide a fast and precise feedback on driving style.

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