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Renault wants to make cars simpler and less bling-bling

Renault’s design director spoke about the style of future models, which will be simpler.

Manufacturers have always competed stylistically to seduce customers. And for good reason, we know that design remains one of the most important criteria when buying, sometimes passing in front of the price or consumption. And this is often the determining factor when motorists hesitate between two models displaying similar prices and positioning. Suffice to say that brands therefore have every interest in working on the design of their cars, in order to stand out from the competition. It remains to know what strategy to adopt to seduce, and it is not always easy.

Less bling

We think for example of the rivalry between Peugeot and Renault, the first being distinguished by more assertive lines than the second, in particular with its 208 against the Clio. But since the arrival of Gilles Vidal, former designer of the lion brand, things have changed. The cars of the diamond firm have gained in character, perhaps to the point of becoming a little too much for some people. But that could ultimately change over the next few years. Indeed, Renault could turn to a more refined style, as asserted by the boss of the style. He explains that he is ” time to step into a less bling era« .

A simpler style

He goes on to add that “ the challenge for designers is going to be to keep the brand strong and impressive while becoming much simpler. We want to design superb cars, but with a more minimalist and essential approach.“. It now remains to know what the brand is preparing for us, when we know that it also relies heavily on retro to seduce customers, unlike Volkswagen, for example, which is drawing a line under its past.

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