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This mobile home is based on a tricycle

This mobile home is, in fact, a house mounted on a tricycle. Its creator designed it to question living conditions in the city.

Mobile homes are an excellent way to benefit from housing while being able to move around. Of course, this ease of movement depends greatly on the type of mobile home. If it is very spacious, as is the case with the models often present in campsites, each move comes with some difficulties.

Several companies, such as Boxabl et Escape Tiny Homes, then looked at a way to benefit from the freedom of movement offered by mobile homes, while making them more practical. The solution: reduce the size. In this logic, an artist from Hong Kong, Kacey Wongtook over this work to create a mobile home based on… a tricycle.

A mobile home based on a tricycle to fight against homelessness

The idea may seem amusing. But, the stake behind this creation is very serious. As reported Autoevolutionthis model of mobile home aims to find a solution to the homeless people. This idea also resurfaced after the health crisis of 2020, in a context where these people found themselves all the more vulnerable.

Kacey Wong named her mobile home « Wandering Home » (pour “wandering house”). It is sort of a house riding a tricycle. This innovation is not entirely new, since this type of construction already exists in China. The artist made it very small: a compact surface of only 0.9 meters by 1.2 meters. On the other hand, it benefits from a very high ceiling height and, above all, from all the comforts of a house.

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“(…) explore the idea of ​​a minimal dwelling”

The goal was not to make it a heavy mobile home. So Kacey Wong used sheets and plywood to create this house. The only (big) defect of this house on a tricycle: it offers a very small living space. The artist, on the other hand, designed it to “to explore the idea of ​​a minimal dwelling” and question “the basic unit of urbanity”.

He thus imagined the smallest and most compact unit that could imitate a house, while offering total freedom in the urban landscape. At the same time, he wanted his project to draw attention to city ​​living conditions. And the result is this « Wandering Home ». Will this project succeed in questioning housing in the city or, at the very least, in defining a solution for the homeless?

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