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Electric cars: Stellantis invests in lithium production

Stellantis has just announced the investment of more than 100 million dollars for a geothermal lithium production project in California, United States.

Stellar et Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) announced an investment of more than 100 million dollars (i.e. the equivalent of approximately 91.6 million euros) granted by Stellantis, for the development of CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen project. It’s about largest geothermal lithium production project in the world : each year, the total resource production capacity, in lithium carbonate equivalent, is 300,000 tons.

“Our industry-leading decarbonization strategy leverages low-emissions production and sustainable sourcing as core elements in the manufacturing of our electric vehicles”declared on this occasion Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis: “This agreement with CTR represents a major step forward in our commitment to our customers and our planet, as well as our desire to offer clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions in North America. »

Stellantis: ecological lithium production

As part of this project between the two partners, the production of lithium and its use in batteries will enable electric vehicles of Stellantis to be eligible for the consumer bonuses of the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act), the American law on the reduction of inflation.

The 10-year supply contract provides for the production by CTR of 65,000 tons of lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LHM) per year, which will be used to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles. In June 2022, the two companies had already signed a lithium supply agreement, for the supply of 25,000 tonnes of LHM per year.

Located in Imperial County, California, CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen project will take advantage of geothermal brine for the production of “ecological” lithium for batteries : this will be produced using renewable energy and steam, in an integrated closed-loop process. This process eliminates the need for brine ponds, surface mining or fossil fuels.

Geothermal lithium: kick-off in 2027

As part of its “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan, Stellantis plans to sell 100% electric vehicles for passenger cars in Europe by 2030, and 50% for passenger and light commercial vehicles in the United States. United. To achieve these objectives, the automotive group will achieve a battery generation capacity of approximately 400 GWhthanks to no less than six battery manufacturing plants, located in North America and Europe.

Stellantis plans pour 2027 the start of the supply of lithium hydroxide monohydrate for batteries by CTR. Within this framework, 480 jobs in the construction sector will be created through full collective agreements, and up to 940 jobs in the long term.

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