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Fuel prices: the return of €2 per liter soon?

Could the price of fuel once again pass the two euro per liter mark? Find out the answer in our article.

Since the beginning of the summer, gasoline has climbed about fifteen cents, and it could still continue. But what is the reason for this incredible increase? In fact, there are several. First of all, of course, we think of the war in Ukraine, as well as the establishment of an embargo on Russian oil. In addition, the producing countries have decided to reduce exports, while we must not forget either tax impact. Indeed, the latter represent no less than 60% of the price of a liter of fuel. And the government refuses to make the slightest gesture for the moment.

A rise that will continue?

Added to this is also the increase in demand in this summer vacation period. An explosive cocktail that is felt, of course, in service stations. But will it last? To tell the truth, this is possible according to the specialists, while the OPEC countries will continue to lower exports. According to the International Energy Agency, the market, which was rather in surplus, would have become in deficit in the second half of 2023 and therefore more fragile“. And this will inevitably impact motorists, the first to be affected by this price increase.

No more than €2

But should we expect fuel to once again exceed the 2 euro mark on average? Well not necessarily according to specialist Philippe Chalmin, professor of economic history at Paris-Dauphine University. The latter indeed explains that the barrel price should not exceed $100. Thus, “that means that normally we should perhaps not, at least by the end of August or the beginning of September, break the other symbolic threshold, that of 2 euros per litre”.

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