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He tries to go through customs with 200 kilos of tobacco “hidden” in his truck

Despite the 200 kilos of tobacco concealed in his vehicle, the driver hoped to arrive safely…

The facts happened last week on the A9 Motorway. These are Narbonne customs officers who shared the information, after entering 200 kilos of tobacco in a dump truck. Sentenced to pay a heavy fine, the driver came from Pyrénées-Orientales, the neighboring department.

Customs was cleared but the goods never arrived

The trafficker thought he had succeeded in his mission when he crossed the border without incident. Only here it was caught by the patrol less than an hour later… The scene took place in the morning and the arrest of this smuggler was made possible thanks to the good work of law enforcement. As a reminder, the Pyrénées-Orientales are on the border with Spain and in particular Perthus, where tobacco prices are much lower than in France. Unfortunately for him, this case will cost him dearly…

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Pipes, tools, and… lots of tobacco!

At first glance, there was no indication that this truck driver was transporting such a quantity of tobacco. The latter declared arriving from the neighboring department and transporting in his construction truck equipment used to carry out public works. In short, everything that makes the most sense in the world. Especially since many employees of this type use this road to get to work. However, this truck was more shady than the others if you looked closely…

Indeed, the Narbonne customs officers were quick to put their noses on more than 200 kg of tobaccodont hookah tobacco. In view of his hiding place, the police quickly understood that nothing had been declared. The tobacco was therefore seized and the driver had to pay a fine of 3,000 euros in stride. The Customs Department of Perpignan wished to congratulate the agents of Narbonne, who participated in the fight against trafficking: “This seizure illustrates the daily commitment of the units of the regional customs department of Perpignan, and in particular that of Narbonne, to fight against the trafficking of tobacco products which feed criminal organizations”.

And you ? What do you think of this pretty catch?

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