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Japan is no longer the biggest car exporter in the world

It’s a historic change that has just taken place, since Japan is no longer the leading car exporter in the world. China took the lead.

It’s a small revolution that has just taken place in the automotive world, even if it is not really “palpable”. Indeed, according to analysts atAutomotive News Europe, China has become the world’s largest car exporterthereby dethroning Japan, which had occupied the first place for several years.

The reasons for this radical change essentially revolve around electric mobility. The increase in demand for electric cars from European customers has in fact pushed the many Chinese manufacturers to “migrate” mainly to the Old Continent (but also to the United States), even defying certain significant logistical problems, such as high freight rates for the auto carrier.

Exports on the rise

Automotive News Europe reports that the latest figures released by the Association of Japanese Automobile Manufacturers show that exports of vehicles produced in Japan increased by 17% year-on-year in the first six months of 2023, reaching around 2.02 million. ‘units.

These figures are quite positive for Japan, but they are contrasted by the even more encouraging figures published by the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers, which show that the country’s car exports in the first six months of 2023 increased by 77% compared to the same period last yearreaching 2.34 million units.

What has made China the top car exporting country in the world is not only the amount of cars exported overseas, it is also the money generated. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the monetary value of China’s vehicle exports in the first six months of 2023 increased by 110% compared to 2022, reaching $46.4 billion.

China ahead of Japan and Germany

This figure also allowed China to overtake Germany, historic second, behind Japan. It remains to be seen whether this trend will increase in the future, especially since Europe and the USA are taking more and more measures deemed “protectionist” encouraging customers to consume “locally”.

Chinese manufacturers should find the parade by installing factories in Europe and the United States, this is already the case in particular with SAIC via MG, which has already announced a factory on the Old Continent, with tracks in Germany, France or in Spain. BYD intends to do the same within a few months.

However, those vehicles produced outside of China will no longer be considered exports, and the Middle Empire could quickly fall in this ranking and see Japan and Germany come back in front.

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