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Technical inspection: is it mandatory to affix the sticker on your windshield?

Compulsory in France since 1992, the technical control is to be passed to his car every two years, and includes 136 checkpoints. Once received, the precious vignette is to be affixed to his windshield. But is it compulsory?

Do it compulsory in France since 1is January 1992 : the automobile technical inspection, which allows you to periodically check the general condition of your car. At the time, it is estimated that 10% of the French rolling stock (25 million vehicles) was made up of wrecks, in poor condition both mechanically and concerning the bodywork or lighting. Even 1 in 5 car accidents in the early 90s involved a car in poor conditiont. A check of this type had already existed since 1985, but was only compulsory in order to be able to sell one’s car. Europe obliges, France aligns itself with its neighboring countries (Germany, Belgium and Spain) at the beginning of 1992 on the occasion of the arrival of the first Euro 1 standard. From this date, each vehicle must be checked periodically every 3 years (for vehicles over 5 years old).

136 control points, 6,667 approved centers

From, it became compulsory 4 years after the first entry into service of the vehicle, then every 2 years. It must be carried out in one of the 6,667 centers (in 2022) approved by the central technical body, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport. A hundred points, grouped into ten main functions, are checked on a vehicle at each new inspection. They evolve regularly, with recently the introduction of a control of the levels of emissions, and another of the eCall system which makes it possible to contact the emergency services in the event of an emergency. The 136 checkpoints include braking, steering, visibility. The lighting, the ground connections, the structure. Equipment, mechanical parts, pollution and noise level of the vehicle. Once done, a report is drawn up. If everything is in order, the approved center issues a conformity sticker technical inspection…

Mandatory on the windshield?

It indicates the expiry date of the control, and the registration of the vehicle. It is to be affixed directly to its windshield, next to the insurance sticker. But imagine that it is not mandatory to affix it to the windshield of your vehicle. Unlike some neighboring countries where it is a legal requirement… Of course, the technical inspection certificate must be kept in the vehicle in the event of an inspection by the police or the gendarmerie. Finally, let us specify that in the event of non-presentation at the technical control, you are liable to a fine of 135 euros. You can also see yourself withdraw your gray card for seven days. The time for you to present your car to an approved centre.

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