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Trapped in their Tesla because of a battery problem, in the middle of a heat wave!

Several Tesla drivers claim to have been stuck in their cars in the heat due to battery failure.

Stay locked in his car without air conditioning, that’s all you want to avoid during the summer. Yet that’s what happened to several Tesla drivers, who found themselves trapped, as the outside temperature was around 40 degrees. The fault of a battery failure, which took these motorists by surprise. The latter decided to testify on the internet in order towarn of dangers that could cause.

The battery fails and it’s panic!

Stuck inside their vehicle, the owners of these Tesla tried by all means to get out of it. It would seem that the sudden loss of energy from the vehicle makes it impossible to get out. In any case, this is what it says on Business Insider drivers to whom this has happened. In fact, they reported their exasperation with this issue quite serious according to them.

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One of the motorists who suffered from this anomaly within his Tesla claims that his vehicle asked him to park on the side and follow the instructions to unlock the door. But after the breakdown, driver’s window shattered without really understanding why. However, he had followed the instructions allowing the manual unlocking of the door. A 73-year-old American was trapped in his car when it was 38°C. It lasted 20 minutes, during which he couldn’t roll down the windows or open the doors because the battery of his Tesla was flat.

However, according to the manual provided, the Tesla is supposed to be able to open in an emergency… provided you find a latch. The latter is located under the seat window buttons before on the Tesla Model Y. Did you know? This is not indicated and many owners are unaware of it… All you have to do is pull the release tab and you’re done on the Tesla S. And on the Tesla Model 3, the manual release is in front of the control panel. window buttons. For the Model X, the same applies.

Not all Tesla Model Ys have a manual release for the rear seats, but it is sometimes found in the pockets of the rear doors. A red tab must be pressed for the manual release cable to appear. Here is the instructions, in video :

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