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Netflix wants to release a NASCAR documentary series

Netflix recently announced that filming has begun on a documentary series about the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series.

THE motor sports fan will be filled. As Netflix recently revealed, the American VOD platform is preparing a documentary series on the NASCAR Cup Series. These American car races are very famous and popular in the United States. They are, on the other hand, less followed in Europe.

Atypical in the motor racing landscape, the NASCAR Cup Series puts particularly heavy cars in competition compared to F1 and other races. They set off at full speed on generally oval circuits, which occasionally creates spectacular accidents.

2023 NASCAR Cup Series documentary series scheduled for early 2024

Netflix has announced that it has started filming this new documentary series. It is not a question of retracing the history of NASCAR races, but of presenting the next championship which is to be held from September. The idea is to offer fans the opportunity to learn more about the underside of these North American races.

According to Netflix, this series will be broadcast for the first time in early 2024. It will be short: five 45-minute episodes. And it will join the sports content dedicated to the car already made available to subscribers. She should be close to Formula 1: Drivers of their destinyanother documentary series dedicated to Formula 1.

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An adaptation of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny ?

As in Formula 1: Drivers of their destinythe documentary series will film behind the scenes of the NASCAR Cup Series. It is currently impossible to know if Netflix intends to add a dramatic or fictional dimension to this production. Although the series on F1 had met with great success, it had been criticized on this point.

Several personalities from the world of F1 had, in fact, observed that rivalries between drivers and teams were exaggerated and overplayed. In any case, this series looks promising. It could meet with great success if it manages to show the highly competitive atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series.

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