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The fastest car in the 1000m standing start will surprise you!

Since the beginning of lab measurements, we had not yet seen an SUV rise to the top of the fastest cars in this exercise!

The exercise of 1000 meters standing start is an excellent performance index for comparing the most powerful models on the market. Much more representative than 0 to 100 km/h, it allows you to see the acceleration over a sufficiently long distance. The results are thus much more usable to decide between vehicles.

Here are all the fastest models on the1000m workout. stopped start!

The AutoPlus lab carries out its own measurements

Chez car plus, we like to do things on our own! We carry out our own measurements, independently and for years. OUR labo quantifies all the cars on the market on numerous criteria, such as those of the depth of the boot for example.

Nothing could be simpler for this measurement. We have at our disposal theAutodrome of Linas-Montlhéryon which we can perform our times. 3, 2, 1… starting signal!

Focus on the BMW M3 Touring recently arrived at the lab

BMW will have taken the time to reflect before launching his M3 Touring, But the result is there. With 22s2 on the exercise of 1000 meters standing startce break bat son rival direct, l’Audi RS 4 Avant who performs the same exercise on 22s6. But among the most efficient models currently available and measured by our lab, this M3 Touring ranks “only” 8th…

And it’s not even the liveliest break in acceleration, this title going to the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S, who arrives in 3rd position with 20s7 on the clock. A reasonable position on the ranking when we add up 761 ch under the right pedal! But even this supercharged electric is largely beaten by another model. An SUV! And yes, the Tesla Model X Plaidwith its 1 020 ch and his 7 places literally explodes the whole ranking, with the best score in the 1000 meters DA: 19s1 !

Only one thermal slips onto this podium, and even then it is a rechargeable hybrid: the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé 4 portes 63 S E Performance 4Matic+ (phew!), second with 20s all round. Good surprise, a French woman joins this top 20: the brand new Alpine A110 R, 18th with 23s! Honor is safe…

Top 20 fastest vehicles in the 1000m DA

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