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Electric car: this algorithm can save you 8% autonomy!

The ZF company has invented an algorithm that would make it possible to gain up to 8% autonomy for electric cars. The huge advantage of the latter is that it is compatible with all electric vehicles.

This new technology responds to the sweet name of ZF Eco Control 4 ACC. To put it simply, it is actually a durable adaptive cruise control. It works through a algorithm who uses the navigation systemTHE ADAS sensors of the vehicle, as well as the powertrain pour reduce the vehicle’s energy demand. Developed by ZF et Embotech, this algorithm could save up to 8% more autonomy for electric vehicles.

How does it work ?

The algorithm evaluates in real time THE map information such as slopes, THE climbs and the descents. It makes this information work together with the operating points optimal of powertrain so that the latter is as efficient as possible.

The ZF Company would have made tests in the field. According to them, the Echo Control 4 ACC can save up to 8% of autonomy by actual condition.

Uwe ClassVice President of Advanced Systems Development at ZF said:

“Eco Control 4 ACC is a revolutionary technology that brings us considerably closer to Vision Zero Emissions. This solution is above all practical on a daily basis and available for the mass production. »

Alexander DomahidiCTO and co-founder of Embotech adds:

“Eco Control 4 ACC is a game changer when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions. The savings potential of up to eight percent with just a piece of code is a giant step towards a revolution in greener mobility and transport. »

And in fact?

To see now if the words will be followed by the facts. When the company announces up to 8% autonomythe latter does not specify the test conditions as well as the used vehicle. We should see in the long term if the figure and this promise of 8% is valid for all types of vehicles. It could also well be that in real driving the average is much lower at 8%.

Still, it’s a feature that wouldn’t offer only advantages for electric vehicles on paper. The main critiques concerning this type of vehicle being autonomy reduced as well as cost recharging.

If this algorithm maximizes efficiency of the batteries and therefore, ultimately, minimizes travel timewe are takers at car plus.

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