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He takes to the highway… with an electric monowheel

This Sunday, August 20, a man was seen driving on a highway with an electric monowheel.

Motorists who passed through the A46 towards Rillieux-la-Papein the Rhône, last Sunday were able to see a most surprising scene. As reported by journalists from the Progressa user was observed driving… on an electric monowheel !

This behavior is incredibly dangerous and is strictly prohibited in France. However, the driver of the electric unicycle in question did not seem particularly worried, or even shocked by his behavior. According to a photographer who saw him on the freeway, he was driving in the right lane, arms crossed.

A man rides on a highway with an electric monowheel

The user of the monowheel still wore a helmet. On the other hand, it is the only protection he had put on to travel on the A46 with his unicycle. A photographer managed to take pictures of the scene, which were obtained by reporters from the Progress. They show how the situation is surrealist.

The man was dressed in white jeans, trainers and a smart polo shirt. For him, everything seemed to be normal. Moreover, the pictures reveal that he adopts a rather relaxed posture while driving seated on his monowheel, as he could do anywhere other than on the highway.

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Prohibited and dangerous behavior

It is obvious that driving an electric monowheel on a highway is not not authorized. As reminded West France, in built-up areas, unicycle traffic is only authorized on cycle paths or, if there are none, on roads limited to 50 km/h. It is sometimes possible to travel on roads limited to 80 km/h, but not on the highways.

In all cases, a monowheel must not exceed 25 km/h. In addition, driving this machine on a highway is particularly dangerous. “When you know how dangerous the highway is, he was lucky to have stayed on his wheel”, underlined an agent of the highway CRS. Besides, the agents had never heard of such a case. It is a great first !

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