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Tesla launches… the house for cats!

Sold at 12 euros in China, this cardboard cat house is inspired by Tesla’s famous Cybertruck and is all the rage.

Tesla has more ideas, it’s no secret. With this cardboard house for catsthe mark ofElon Musk shows once again that it is capable of adapting to consumer needs. Indeed, this “real estate business” reserved for cats is arriving in Asia, and this kennel for felines is sold for 12 euros each.

An innovative house

Launched as the Tesla Life Cat Nest, this home is a reference to Tesla’s Cybertruck through its shape and style. We find the futuristic angles of the famous vehicle. This cardboard house can accommodate cats weighing up to 7.5 kg and shows that Musk’s brand seeks to be part of everyone’s daily life over time. As criticized as he is adored, the boss of Tesla is capable of occupying the ground in many sectors, including those which are least expected.

Cet cat shelter is 100% recyclable because it is made of cardboard. It remains to be seen whether the cats will appreciate their new habitat or whether they will use it to scratch their claws and nothing more. The box is delivered in the form of a large sheet of cardboard that must be assembled by folding and folding its different sides.

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Tesla pure you marketing

When the house is too damaged to serve our cat, it will be possible to get rid of it. Tesla is not at his first attempt with this unusual object. A few years ago, the brand offered a flamethrowers (!) et a perfume. The latter was intended for men and offered by Singed and was called Burnt Hair (“burnt hair” in French). The stopper was in the shape of a ruby. Decidedly, the firm of Elon Musk knows how to go about marketing!

This cat house is also inspired by the long-awaited CyberTruck all-terrain SUV, which should soon be launched on the market. Its release date has been pushed back yet again, but it is one of the most important automotive events of the next few years. And you ? Are you looking forward to its release?

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