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The Meyers Manx buggy is back in electric!

The Meyers Manx of the 60s (based at the time on the Volkswagen Beetle) returns in a neo-retro version and 100% electric. A fun, but extremely expensive beach car.

The Volkswagen Type 1can undoubtedly boast of being one of the car models with the most nicknames. This name means nothing to you ? It is because behind this square and factual term of engineer, hides the one who was known in France under the name of Ladybug. A much milder appellation, for a chubby and friendly modelwhich was amalgamated from its launch in 1938 with a flying insect (the translations will vary somewhat from one country to another). Each country got its own nickname.. Beetle UK, Beetle in Germany. Beetle in the Nederlands, Beetle in Italy, beetle in Brazil… Everywhere she went, the Type 1 has made a name and a reputation, to the point of becoming a national model in some countries!

Multiple variations

But beyond the “Cox” that we know well, the little Volkswagen has been declined in many bodies, sometimes very different from the original. How not to mention of course the Combi, a famous utility vehicle launched in 1950 and designed on the basis of a Beetle. But also the Karmann Ghia Coupethe sedan Brasilia (reserved for Brazil). The 4X4 181 (nicknamed “The thing”), or the Porsche 356 ! La Coccinelle was a simple, robust, practical model, capable of adapting to all uses and under all dresses! In a completely different register, it was for a long time used as a base for beach buggies ! Thus were born in the 60s the Lower Bug and Meyers Manx Manxster, equivalent across the Atlantic to our beach cars: Citroën Méhari, Renault Rodéo and Mini Moke! Today Meyers Manx launches a new generation of its Manxster buggy: the Resorter NEV!

The Meyers Manx Electric

This 21st century cart has the particularity of now being 100% electric ! In the same vein as the Bolloré BlueSummer, Citroën Ami, Fiat Topolino and Kate Original. It is a “barquette”, deprived of roof, and without doors ! A model stripped to the maximum, to ensure in the greatest simplicity its function of beach carin connection between the house and the seaside. Its folding windshield and fabric roof are indeed there to affirm its playful aspect.

It is electronically clamped to 40 km/hbut its manufacturer claims that it will have enough torque to be able to climb effortlessly on coastal roads. Point of information on the other hand on its autonomy. The price is meanwhile very salty given the Spartan side of the machine and its limited use: 49,000 dollars, or around 45,000 euro. It’s expensive for a neo-retro Beetle converted to electric…

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