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Volvo announces the arrival of an astonishing 100% electric minivan

If they were no longer popular in recent times, minivans are back on the front of the stage in electric, as evidenced by the future Volvo EM90.

MPVs today are a bit of ancient history. These have been sacrificed on the altar of SUVs, and even if the latter are generally much less practical, their design has managed to take precedence over the (not very sexy) segment of minivans.

But fashion being an eternal restart, minivans may not have said their last word. The proof is with Volvo, which announces the presentation of the all-new Volvo EM90 for November 12, 2023. It will be a premium electric minivan which will initially be intended for the Chinese market, but will however have the right to an international career.

To accompany the announcement, Volvo released a single teaser image showing the rear of the EM90, a model that is expected to share a lot of elements with the new Volvo EX90.

Volvo EM90: a luxury minivan?

The only available photo of the EM90 thus shows us a kind of small van with a large rear panoramic roof and a sunroof at the front, as well as prominent external handles which suggest the presence of large sliding rear doors. The vertical cut of the rear part proves that this product is above all intended for transport.

A short video also highlights a living room equipped with a table, a computer and a cafe, which comes with a plan that then merges with the interior of the Volvo EM90. We see through the panoramic roof, the hand of a passenger sitting on the right rear seat who has the same coffee available on the cup holder of the armrest and the computer on a pull-out table. Volvo intends to give a feeling of well-being in your vehiclewith a “lounge” spirit.

Electric minivans are coming in force

We do not yet have technical details, but it is however possible to imagine that the Volvo EM90 could be based on the same SPA2 platform as the EX90, with the possibility of also having a version with two electric motors and four-wheel drive. However, Volvo being part of Geely, it is possible that this product will also be based on the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform on which the Zeekr 009 is based.

Minivans are generally making a comeback lately, although they are more minivans rather than the minivan as we knew it a decade ago. We can thus cite the Lexus LM full hybrid, the electric Mercedes EQV, but also the Zeekr 009 as stated above or the Denza D9. The latter will also be present at the next Monaco Motor Show, Denza being the new premium subsidiary of BYD.

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