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Fiat 500 Gelateria: an electric to bite into!

Forget the big American trucks. The ice cream truck of the future is a two-tone electric Fiat 500, armed with freezers, which broadcasts Italian opera as it passes…

Ah the Fiat 500, a nice model if not THE friendly model par excellence! For what ? Because, to create sympathy, you have to provide emotion, and above all from nostalgia! Current manufacturers have understood this very well: Renault with its R5, Volkswagen with its ID.Buzz, Hyundai with its IONIQ 5… Neo-retro sells wellespecially today when it comes to getting the electric pill. Mini understood this as early as 2001, by relaunching the mythical Austin of 1959, modernized but still as crisp. There was also les Ford Thunderbird, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chevrolet Camaro et HHR… In Europe and to return to our main subject, Fiat, in turn, resuscitated its 500 in 2007. New dress and new ambitions, but the same cuteness as the original 1957 model…

The 500, Fiat’s darling since 1957

The Centro Stile of the brand gives birth to a model very faithful to the lines and philosophy of that of the fifties. It is now its best-seller, to the point that Fiat has capitalized on its name to develop a wide range of models. There was the convertible 500Cthe minivan 500Lle crossover 500Xand soon the new crossover 600 ! Without forgetting of course the sports version prepared by Abarth! Automotive context requires, the small contemporary city car was available in a second generation in 2020, now 100% electric and baptized 500th. The little Italian, heavier than before, develops 118 horsepower. Its small 37.3 kWh battery allows it to drive on a single charge for 320 kilometers in a mixed cycle. Sufficient to attack cities, his favorite terrain…

The smallest glacier in the world

And what can we find in town? Parks, kiosks, and…ice cream parlors! Do you see where we are coming from? Yes, the Fiat 500e now exists in an “Ice Cream Truck” variant! Presented as “the smallest and most zero-emission glacier in the world”, this unique model was born at the initiative of Fiat UK, and is very successful. They repainted it elegant two-tone blue and cream livery of coursedressed in a subtle “Gelateria” calligraphy. On board, the rear seat has been removed in favor of two battery-connected freezers, which have the capacity to feed 300 customers! To complete this original picture, the 500 Gelateria broadcasts Italian opera music on its way. Beyond the amusing wink, Fiat UK wants to encourage the leap to electric mobility, while low emission zones are multiplying in the country

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