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Google Maps: a new feature is emerging

Google Maps is a navigation application that updates regularly. If we told you that the latest update will make it easier to recharge your electric car!

With the boom from electric car that we have known in recent years, all the infrastructures that revolve around this new market are constantly being develop. And this is not not about to stop as the electric car is – for the moment – ​​the only possible horizon for a survival of the automotive industry.

A booming market

THE sales of 100% electric models continue to grow. Must therefore develop et build more and more charging stations. Yes name of the latter is becoming more and more more consistenttools for trip planning for electric vehicles are popping up everywhere. Whether directly integrated in vehicles or via a application on smartphones, there are more and more on the market.

The new feature of Google Maps

And Waze or Google Maps have integrated into their application the location of charging stationsthe application of Google want to go even further with this feature.

When you are in an electric car, there is a function that is useless, of course it is the research of station-service. Now, in “category” you can remove the option “stations-service” and prioritize “charging stations”. This feature should Make life easier electric car drivers who won’t be distracted by information they obviously don’t need.

If generally the updates apps like Google Maps appear first on the American continent before migrating to Europe, the latter is already available in a dozen countries including France.

More and more features

This feature is in addition to trip planner pushed from Google Maps. This allows you to get a estimation of battery level that your car will have on arrival, from receive important alerts concerning the battery or even find charging stations compatible with your vehicle. All this in addition, of course, to GPS.

Earlier this year, Google announced that electric cars equipped with d’Android Automotive as the Renault Mégane E-TECH where the Volvo C40 recharge can use the different features of Google Maps directly on the vehicle screen. So no need to go through your smartphone.

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