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Speeding: at the RSA, this driver is caught with his Porsche

Caught speeding at the wheel of his Porsche, this RSA driver will have to explain his situation…

Little nonsense, we’ve all done it on the road, after all it’s human. But the best thing is still not to get caught by the police. Because the latter are not always so tolerant, especially with regard to speeding. Not to mention the risk of being flashed by an automatic speed camera, which leaves no chance. But if it is desirable to avoid the fine and the withdrawal of pointsthis is even more the case if you are already in a somewhat delicate situation in the eyes of the law.

A big speeding ticket

This is precisely the case of our champion of the day, who would have done better to stay at home that day. This case takes place last July 20 in La Baule but is not made public until a few months later. The police are in the process of indulging in speed checks on the side of the highway. When suddenly they see a car approaching at high speed, since it is traveling at 178 km/h instead of 110. At the wheel of this Porsche, a 29-year-old man who claims to have “forgot to give his dog medicine” and is therefore in a hurry. Except that he no longer has a driver’s license. But that’s not all.

But not only

The police also carry out a toxicological test and the result is unequivocal: the young man is positive for cannabis. But the police are not at the end of their surprises. Indeed, they also discover that the driver is on the RSA and unemployed, despite the fact that he owns a Porsche Cayenne, worth around 100,000 euros. As a result, he receives a fine of 300 euros and a ten-month suspended prison sentence, as well as community service. His car was seized and his license revoked.

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