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With the PlayStation 5 promotion, finally enjoy Gran Turismo 7 at full speed

Still don’t have a PlayStation 5 and want to play Gran Turismo? For the start of the school year, Sony is applying a reduction of €75 for the purchase of a Standard model not to be missed.

Based on a true story, the film Grand Touring brilliantly tells how a player of the cult PlayStation simulation, managed to start a brilliant career as a racing driver thanks to his passion for games. Proof, also, of the excellence of the simulation developed by Sony PlayStation and its teams of developers.

So, to allow everyone to realize their dreams, Sony and its partner resellers offer 75 euros on the price of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Standard.A limited time offer that will end on September 3, 2023 . So why wait, when the price of the most desired console of its last years has never been so low? The opportunity, also to try your hand at driving extraordinary GTs with the incredible Grand Touring


PlayStation 5 Standard, the best of video games By offering yourself a PlayStation 5 Standard, you can obviously try Grand Touring 7, the latest version of the cult simulation from Sony and Polyphony Game. You will be amazed by the realism of the graphics which exploit the latest 3D rendering technologies. Difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference with a TV broadcast. Above all, you will pilot dozens of dream cars, compete alone or online on the biggest circuits in the world, take part in incredible online events and, who knows, maybe you will become the star of an upcoming film.Grand Touring

But even without that, your PlayStation 5 will give you the greatest gaming experiences of the moment.God of War : Ragnarok ,Call of Duty , EA Sports FC

and hundreds of other hits are waiting for you. So many reasons to take advantage of the 75€

offered, until September 3, by Sony Playstation and partner retailers.

PlayStation 5 Standard: more than a console, pure entertainment

The PlayStation 5 Standard is much more than a game console. It’s a real gateway to a world of entertainment. Its 4K Blu-ray player, one of the best available on the market, will allow you to (re)discover your favorite films and the latest international blockbusters with incomparable image quality. Thanks to the management of the latest technologies such as HDR or 3D audio, you will be immersed in the heart of the action. Thanks to your PlayStation 5, you will have access to many free or paid streaming services, and will be able to interact with your communities on Discord or Twitch. A quantity of services that continues to grow over the months.

PlayStation 5: play online and enjoy games for free

With the PlayStation Network service, your PS5 console is fully open to online play. You can, for example, play with your friends or illustrious strangers around the world. Build complex strategies, thanks to the integrated voice chat or, even, share videos of your games or screenshots on social networks. Above all, you will enjoy dozens of new free games every month. Real hits or little-known nuggets, they are sure to offer you incredible playful experiences.

The PlayStation 5 is 100% backward compatible. This means that you can enjoy the PlayStation 4 (PS4) catalog without any effort, even improved versions the Boost option. The latter will significantly improve the rendering and animation of many PS4 titles.

Image taken from the video game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where we see Peter Parker and Miles Morales. credit photo : Sony You’ll also get free updates so your favorite titles take full advantage of the incredible computing power of the PlayStation 5.

One more reason to jump on the 75€ offered

for the purchase of a PlayStation 5 Standard.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2, 100% real virtual reality

Your PlayStation 5 Standard gives you access to the new generation of virtual reality games by connecting the PlayStation VR2 to it. Immerse yourself in 360-degree action or adventure games and enjoy unparalleled playful experiences.You only have until September 3 to benefit from a 75€ discounton the PlayStation 5 Standard. Offer valid at participating stores for the purchase of a standard physical PS5. In the limit of the available stock. See eligibility and terms of immediate or deferred reimbursements depending on the participating points of sale.

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