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Nightmare in Blablacar: the bus forgets it without money or phone

A young traveler simply wanted to get to Vendres from Paris by Blablacar bus. However, nothing went as planned.

Owen, a 21 year old young manis not about to forget his experience with Blablacar. As reported by journalists from the Parisian, he had left Paris with two friends to go to Vendres, passing through Béziers. However, he has only encountered misadventures along the way. Initially, he should take a scheduled Flixbus bus at one o’clock in the morning.

However, this first bus accused very late. He finally turned to a Blablacar bus, a Blablabus, which left in the morning from Paris Bercy station. This first setback was only the beginning of a long series of trials that turned his trip into a real ordeal.

The Blablacar bus driver abandoned him in the middle of the trip

The trouble really started when the bus stopped at Clermont-Ferrand for a short stop. Owen takes the opportunity to go out and stretch his legs. However, during his absence, the Blablacar driver leaves without bothering to check whether all the passengers have got back to the bus. Owen’s two friends were of no help at the time, since they had dozed off.

They end up noticing his absence a few minutes later and decide to notify the driver. But, this one does not want to hear anything. “He told them that he had schedules to respect and that he could not turn around like that”said Owen’s mother. “He took off without even checking that all the passengers were on board, that’s unacceptable”.

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A series of twists

Owen had left his money and cell phone on the Blablacar bus. He was then completely blocked in Clermont-Ferrand, with a driver who refused to turn around to pick him up. He asks several people around him to borrow their laptops. But no one accepts. An hour after the departure of his bus from Clermont-Ferrand, he finally manages to contact his mother.

With Owen’s two friends, the latter manages to call the Blablacar customer service. He finds a carpooling solution to take him to Béziers. The twists weren’t over. Arrived in Béziers, he still has to go to Vendres. His mother manages to contact taxis, one of which finds him on a simple description of his clothes, at 1:30 am.

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