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The ranking of the cheapest French cities to rent a car

According to the Carigami online price comparison, these cities are the ones that offer the best prices for renting a car.

As the holidays come to an end, the Carigami online price comparison takes stock of the cities where renting a car for a week is the cheapest in France. And the results are surprising, both the price differences are significant.

Price differences depending on the car rental season

First of all, Carigami takes into account the “pre-season” prices, from January 1 to April 31, 2023. Then those of “post-season”, between May 20 and August 22, 2023. But the differences remain the same between cities at any time of the year. Renowned as a tourist town, Ajaccio is the cheapest city to rent a car for a week, with a price of 260 euros. Behind, we find another Corsican city, namely Bastia (262 euros). Mulhouse is 3rd, with a rate of 286 euros per week. Calvi (327 euros) and Toulouse (344 euros) complete the Top 5.

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Mulhouse still in the lead

As far as the summer pre-season is concerned, Lille is the cheapest city to get a vehicle for the week. Mulhouse and its price of 290 euros per week, is just behind.

The price comparator Carigami also carried out the reverse ranking in order to determine which cities are the most expensive to rent a car. The differences are striking. During the whole year, Biarritz comes first with a price of 520 euros during summer. If you compare with Ajaccio (260 euros), it is quite simply double. Nice and Bordeaux come in behind, with 500 euros to rent a car for the week.

Here is the list of the cheapest cities where to rent a car:

Summer pre-season

  • Lille 277 €
  • €290
  • Rennes 316 €
  • Brest 320 €
  • €337
  • Lyon 337 €
  • Aix-en-Provence 341 €
  • Marseille 345 €
  • Bastia €348
  • Grenoble 356 €


  • €260
  • Bastia €262
  • Brest 344 €
  • Calvi €327
  • Figari €316
  • €286
  • Nantes 402 €
  • Paris 423 €
  • Strasbourg 417 €
  • Toulouse 344 €

So, is your city in this ranking? You now know where you should go on your next vacation if you want to save money on the car budget!

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