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A truck destroys everything on its way, including a balcony

Seized by a feeling of discomfort, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle and destroyed the balcony of a building in Nice.

Last Wednesday, the residents of this district of the port of Nice had a big scare after thata truck driver lost control of his vehicle. No casualties were reported but the driver was taken to hospital as a precaution. A balcony was destroyed following the passage of the heavyweight.

The truck completely destroys a balcony

The facts took place in the rue Arson, in Nice. The refrigerated truck, from the Gineys company, was transporting food products and his driver became unwell. The scene was impressive, at ten o’clock in the morning, in this peaceful district. The truck, which arrived launched, tore off several barriers and took away the balcony of the first floor of a building. The building consisted of four floors.

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Serious material damage

Given the violence of the shock, fortunately no one was on the balcony at the time. The 40-year-old driver was hit and taken to the nearest hospital. According to the police, he had fainted while driving.

Gaël Nofri, deputy mayor of Nice, came to see the facts. He published the images of the accident on social networks and Internet users commented on his post:

“I would like a scientist to tell us how fast this truck driver was driving! » or “Fortunately no one was at the bus stop at the time of the accident. A tragedy has been avoided! » or “It made a deafening noise when it happened. But fortunately no human loss! “. And you what do you think ?

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