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Fisker Ronin: the electric convertible limited to 999 copies

The American manufacturer reveals the details of its new electric convertible Fisker Ronin, which will be launched in 2025 at a price of around €350,000.

At the beginning of August 2023, Fisker held a conference called “Product Vision Day”, during which no less than three new 100% electric models were unveiled: the Fisker PEAR compact SUV, the Fisker Alaska pick-up, as well as than the roadster Fisherman Roninthe world’s first all-electric four-door convertible.

Pending its launch, scheduled for second trimestre 2025 at a price starting from 375,000 dollars, the equivalent of approximately 347.000 €the American electric car manufacturer reveals more details about the Fisker Ronin.

Fisker Ronin: up to 965 km range

The Fisker Ronin, whose name pays homage to John Frankenheimer’s eponymous film, emphasizes driver pleasure: it is designed to accommodate five people, with exceptional cargo capacity and supercar performance. Indeed, 0 to 100 km / h is swallowed in about 2 secondsfor a maximum speed of 275 km/h.

The manufacturer is already announcing a range of 965 km : “Our goal was to create a grand touring car in tune with the 21st century, and designed for customers who want to drive from Paris to Bordeaux on a single charge, or take the motorway at high, consistent speeds without worrying about battery capacity »says Henrik Fisker, President and CEO of Fisker Inc.

The rear doors provide access to the rear seats, while the front butterfly doors open electrically, by touching the handle or via a smartphone app. The hardtop, consisting of carbon fiber, can automatically retract into the trunk, leaving storage space for luggage, while an additional trunk is also available in the front. Other lightweight elements have also been added, such as 23-inch carbon fiber wheels.

Only 999 copies!

Inside, the Fisker Ronin is luxurious and durable, with innovative recycled and sustainable materials: the American manufacturer aims to make its convertible the most sustainable supercar in the world. On the technology side, there will be a 17.1 inch high resolution touch screenas well as an instrumentation screen placed in the center of the steering wheel, in front of the driver.

Reservations for the Fisker Ronin are already open, with a first deposit of $2,000, then a second of $1,000. If you are interested in the model, don’t delay: there will only be only 999 copies of products ! Deliveries are expected for the second half of 2025.

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