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Hollywood and borders disappear

With more than 700,000 used car ads from Germany, Hollyroad makes this vast market accessible to French buyers.

Number 1 on the car market in Europe, Germany makes many French buyers salivate, looking for the car of their dreams or great financial opportunities to seize. It is to satisfy this growing clientele that Hollyroad was launched at the start of the year, agerman used car ads, but also French. Today more important than the new market, the second-hand market has nevertheless seen its sales decrease in France, in 2022, with a decline of 13.5% compared to 2021, according to a study by Additi Media. On the other hand, the new French car market fell by 31% last year. ” The new home market has experienced many setbacks over the past three years due to the health crisis which has caused delivery difficulties. The second-hand car has experienced a strong boom, for reasons of price, eco-responsibility and to avoid the discount from the first kilometer. “, explains Sébastien Le Prince, president of Holly Road.

95% of listings from German sellers

Thus, the platform now lists more than 700,000 used car advertisements without restriction of make, model, mileage or age, the vast majority of which come from Germany. ” We cover about 95% of German seller listings even believes Sébastien. Indeed, the latter has extensive experience in the sale of vehicles in Germany, which has enabled him to surround himself with many large-scale partners, in order to create a link between foreign sellers and French buyers, breaking the borders. To ensure this, the company has established itself in France, but also in Germany to have a presence on the ground. Hollyroad’s objective is now to extend its influence to other European territories, starting with the Scandinavian countries which also abound in great financial opportunities, due in particular to the strength of the euro against their official currency.

Remove the barriers to online shopping

The platform also aims to further democratize car buying with a fully digital journey. For this, Hollyroad has implemented many car verification steps, starting with an analysis of the seller’s e-reputation. ” If the seller’s history does not suit us, we will accompany our client to find a similar vehicle from a seller who seems more reliable to us. “says Sébastien. Then, the Hollyroad teams will obtain all the history of the car, request a technical inspection even though it is not compulsory in Germany and carry out a mechanical and aesthetic inspection of the vehicle, before offering home delivery. and take care of all the administrative procedures for importation and registration. During all these stages, transparency and proximity are omnipresent, in order to reassure the customer and keep him informed of the real state of his future car. By freeing itself from commercial discourse and creating this bond of trust, Hollyroad has everything it needs to become a French benchmark for importing cars from all over Europe.

Hollyroad :

Sternstrass 58, 40479 Düsseldorf and 16 rue Portalis, 75008 Paris

01 84 23 05 30

(email protected)

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