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The Renault 5 could finally cost 30,000 euros

The Renault 5 could actually cost a little more than expected, with a price hovering around 30,000 euros.

Renault is progressing very slowly on the development of its R5. And for good reason, the tricolor firm should launch its electric city car during the next year, when it should end up replacing the Zoe still sold for many years already. But that’s not all, because the diamond brand plans to significantly expand its catalog of electric cars over the next few years. Indeed, it will only have to sell models of this type from 2035, in accordance with the will of the European Union. And that deadline is fast approaching…

A higher price

For the moment, we still know very little about the brand’s future electrics, and in particular about its R5. But the information is starting to arrive slowly, while its revelation should take place in the coming months. And now we are starting to know a little more about its price. For the record, the latter was to turn around 25 00 euros approximately. But things finally seem to have changed slightly. In any case, this is what the general manager of the brand, Fabrice Cambolive, reveals to a German magazine. And the latter is no longer really very optimistic.

Closer to 30,000 euros

Indeed, in the interview, the leader explains that everything is currently being done to ensure that the electric city car is offered “at less than 30,000 euros”. Which means that for now, nothing is won yet. For memory, the Renault 5 was to cost 20,000 euros when it was revealed a little less than two years ago. Then the price rose to 25,000 euros before perhaps reaching the 30,000 euro mark at launch. Thus, the city car would cost almost the same price as a Zoe, even if it should disappear very soon.

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