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Volkswagen ID.7: the “electric Passat” unveils its prices

Volkswagen’s new electric sedan, the ID.7, is now open to order in Germany. Its autonomy is up from initial estimates, but its price is high…

You won’t fall off your chair hearing that classic sedans are no longer popular. While they once represented a very popular category in Europe, we have to face the facts, they have (almost) all disappeared. Renault Talisman, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, even the Volkswagen Passat, which was one of the brand’s most popular models, after the Golf. Only the Toyota Camry, Peugeot 508, and the Skoda of course remain. The time is more for big and greedy SUVs than for elegant tapered sedans. But let’s not be bad language either, the Automobile (with a capital A) is no longer welcome everywhereand to thrive the manufacturers had to plan their range. Finally, there is the turn to electric which precipitated the premature end of the career of certain models. This is the case of the Passat.

The new ID.7 wants to make people forget about the Passat

His replacement is now called ID.7. ID, for Intelligent Drive, refers to Volkswagen’s electric range. This ranges from the compact ID.3 to the large ID.Buzz van.. The “7” is therefore the brand’s new 100% electric sedan., whose role is to try to make people forget the legendary Passat. We already knew her final dress, which, unsurprisingly, takes up the stylistic codes of the other IDs. Curved shapes, rounded lines, incisive gaze and luminous rear banner (among others). On board, a refined cabin that lets in light, clear lines and a “Zen” spirit that invites tranquility. It’s elegant, it’s successful, and Volkswagen has acted sparingly so that its silhouette not only responds to an aerodynamic logic (electric requires), but also provides a little bit of emotion…

ID.7 Pro for now, Pro S coming soon

The production of its very first copies had started a few days ago, but we still had to know its price ! We already know a little more, orders have just opened in Germany. Its price range should differ slightly for French notebooks (in the fall), but that already gives us an idea of ​​his fork. The only launch version offered, the ID.7 Pro, starts at €56,995 there.

At this price, it notably offers 19-inch rims and features an augmented reality head-up display, a Travel Assist semi-autonomous driving system and a central 15-inch touch screen. It is “satisfied” with a 77 kWh battery which allows 621 km electric rangeup from initial estimates. A Pro S version (86 kWh) will join the catalog in the future, and will increase this figure to 700 kilometers ! Now, this new rival straddling the Tesla Model 3 and S must prove itself, and especially its arrival in France!

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