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Kia is organizing a huge recall campaign!

If you own a model in the Kia range, you may be affected by this large-scale recall campaign.

If you regularly read our columns, you’ve probably heard of recall campaigns. But what is it exactly? In fact, it is very simple. They are simply operations carried out by the manufacturers in order to correct a design problem which can endanger the occupants of the car as well as other road users. Or who can cause a major failure which could disable the vehicle. This can concern very large series of cars such as a handful of precisely identified cars. And no manufacturer escapes it, while everyone can be affected.

A broad reminder

This was for example the case of Ferrari last year, but generalist brands are more often affected. This is the case of Ford, Peugeot or Renault, among others. But this time it’s Kia’s turn to make headlines. And for good reason, the recall campaign organized by the Korean firm is of great magnitude. It concerns no less than 100,000 cars, of different models. Among them are the Sportage, the Niro and the Soul. For the time being, only the United States are concerned, but it is not excluded that this will later be the case for Europe as well. But what is the problem that requires this measure?

Free repair

Well this time, it’s the digital handset that gives the Asian manufacturer a hard time. Indeed, the LCD screen driver software sometimes has problems with electrical voltage when starting the vehicle. In this case, the screen simply does not light up, depriving the driver of driving information. Of course, the repair is supported by the manufacturer, and customers have absolutely nothing to advance.

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