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Motorhomes: the novelties expected for 2024!

Auto Plus has selected for you the 3 big news expected for 2024 in the motorhome sector.

It’s not just new cars that are expected in 2024. Indeed, some models motorhomes will appear on the market next year. car plus has selected 3 models quite expected.


The German manufacturer will bring some new features in 2024. Particular emphasis was placed on electromobility. This is the case of the new YASEOwhich offers many improvements technologies.

Moreover, a new motorhome will also emerge in the catalog : the VAN WAVE. This is a compact motorhome offering a bed flagged and based on the frame you VW Crafter.

The Rapido 606F

The constructor mayenne Quick came out in 2024 a new model called Quick 606F.

Inside the cabin, you will find a new identity compared to versions previous.

The Skyview is integrated at the cabin and allows to have a glazed surface enlarged and thus a more luminous effect important.

Comfort is also improved with an interior very spacious. The 606F will bet on an interior without a fixed bedding. We also find there a large living room with two benches.

The C-Turn 2024

Latest addition to our selection: the C-Tourner I/T 145 RB LE. Inside the cabin, we find a corner kitchen but also a bathroom or twin beds comfortable.

The size of this new model should be between 7 and 7.18 meters long. According to the manufacturer, this will simplify maneuvers and reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Note that a version top of the line of the model will be available : the c-tourer I 145 RB LE superior.

This last will be distinguished by a level of finish higher as well as features in addition.

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