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Renault Kardian: the diamond announces its new strategy

Renault has just announced its future international strategy with a brand new SUV, the Renault Kardian. All information here!

We prefer to warn you right away, this new model will not be sold in Europe. Responding to the sweet name of Kardian, the latter will take the form of a Urban SUV and will initially be intended for South American market.

Kardian for toughness and agility

In a video provided by Renault which you can find below, Sylvia dos Santosthe head of naming strategy at the Renault brand’s Global Marketing Department reveals the underside of the naming of this new Kardian.

The name of this new Urban SUV was not chosen by chance. As Sylvia dos Santos explains to us, evocations of robustness et agility are often highlighted in the names of SUVs and crossovers.

At Renault, this evocation is characterized by models with a name beginning with the letter or “K”. We can quote the Koleos or more recently Kadjar. Sylvia dos Santos says:

“This vehicle illustrates Renault’s Renaulution internationally with a name of technological, safe vehicle, and always with a lot of driving pleasure and agility”

Regarding the positioning in the range of this new model, it is still uncertain. Indeed, it is difficult to know if this Kardian will be more compact than a Renault Captur or one Dacia Duster.

The Renaulution still on the move

As a reminder, the Renaulution is the strategic plan of the Renault group for the future Unveiled in January 2021this plan defined the bases for the future of the Renault group with new financial goals as well as a new organization within the group. The most important thing is the announcement of a whole new range which wants, according to Renault, more competitive, plus rentable and more balanced.

The figurehead of this Renaulution remains the future Electric Renault 5 which will probably be presented in 2024. We can also cite the new Renault Scenic E-TECH which will be presented at the next Munich show on September 5 to 10.

In addition to the Renaults Alaskan et Oroch here is now the latest Renault model for the International marketthe Kardian.

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