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Soon free taxis for people who have drunk too much?

In Italy, the government is currently testing a law that sets up free taxis at the exit of nightclubs for those who have drunk too much. A controversial measure. Could such a measure arrive soon in France?

It is a law that controversy currently in the transalpine country. Indeed, the government of the current president of the country Giorgia Meloni has been experimenting with a law since this summer. Of the free taxis are made available to partygoers who would have pushed the bottle a little too much.

The out of box test

In the nightclub where this new law is tested, the managers must test leavers one by one by having them blow into a breathalyzer. If the result is positive (i.e. above 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood for those over 21 and 0 for those under 21), the boss gives you a free travel voucher.

Be careful though, there are conditions. It is not not required that said transport does not drop you directly at home. It is up to the local town hall to make this decision. Moreover, impossible to exceed 30 km transportation so don’t expect to cross the country for free.

A measure that the government wishes to adopt for, as you will have understood, limit the number of accidents bind to alcohol. The latter would be financed by the State, the partner municipalities as well as the six discos test.

The controversy swells

One thing is certain, this measure does not unanimity in Italy. Some of its detractors even speak of “drinking subsidy”.

However, according to FranceInfo, in the partner nightclub near Venice, less than a dozen taxis are ordered on the few 4,000 people present every weekend. The boss of the box says:

Just because the place is full doesn’t mean there have to be lots of people in the taxis

Soon in France

The Minister of Transports Italy Matthew Salvini declares that anything that can avoid accidents is good to take. The measure has until September 15, 2023 to prove this. Everything will depend on cost of the latter. In any case, if the measure bears fruit, one can imagine that it will also be studied in France and why not be applied in the long term. Only the future will tell us.

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