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This truck crashes with a load of luxury supercars

A rare and costly road accident has taken place in the UK. A truck overturned with several supercars on board.

a terrible accidentat least from the perspective of any supercar enthusiast, recently happened in the UK. As reported by the British media Kent Online, a lorry overturned on a road near Farningham, a small town in Kent. Admittedly, no one was seriously injured or killed in this accident.

Only the driver suffered minor injuries. But, the load of the truck in question completely overturned on the road and, under the shock of the accident, turns out badly damaged. And this is precisely where the crux of the problem lies: it is a cargo made up of several dozen supercars and other luxury cars…

@thesun The sports cars were ruined after a car transporter flipped on the road : Ben Slipper #fyp #viral #shocking #news #supercar #kent #crash #astonmartin #mercedes #alfaromeo #car #police #foryoupage ♬ original sound – The Sun

A heavily damaged shipment of supercars

A video of the accident, which has also made the buzz, is circulating on TikTok and on Twitter. Some users were particularly saddened to see such a mess happen due to a road accident. Besides the rarity of supercars that have overturned on the road, their cumulative total price turns out to be very high.

According to the English newspaper The Sunthe cargo included at least one Aston Martin, an Alfa Romeo, a Mercedes-Benz, a BMW and an Audi. It is possible to see the logos Ferrari and Lamborghini in the pile of overturned cars. As the few images of the accident show, several of these high-end vehicles seem to be difficult to recover.

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A particularly costly accident

The total cost of this road accident has not been disclosed. However, it is easy to imagine that it must reach a very large sum. Compared to the few supercars or other high-end cargo cars, some models are priced in six figures. An Aston Martin, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini can cost, for example, several hundred thousand euros.

A priori, the damages that the carrier should pay will therefore be far from modest. Last I heard, the overturned supercars have been removed from the lane. The road has been reopened. The condition of the damaged cars was not disclosed. But there is no doubt that many of them cannot be marketed as is.

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