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Controlled at 178 km/h in an Alpine A110 GT!

The driver of an Alpine A110 GT was intercepted driving at 178 km / h on departmental road 10, near Vitry-aux-Loges (Centre-Val de Loire).

Sometimes the urge comes to us challenge the limits a little too far behind the wheel of his new car. This is what happened to this driver, checked for excessive speed in his Alpine A110 GT brand new blue.

An excess of 89 km / h retained

This incident happened in the afternoon of Sunday August 27th. The owner of the Alpine A110 GT was arrested while driving at a speed of 178 km/h (after correction, 169 km/h) on departmental road 10. Since this road had a speed limit of 80 km/h, the sports car was traveling at more than twice the authorized speed. With such a gap, it is the vehicle that is immediately grabbed it, and jumping license!

Surprise when seeing another Alpine in the retro

The owner of theAlpine A110 GT bleue was no doubt surprised when he saw an Alpine in the colors of the gendarmerie catching up with him. Indeed, since 2021 the gendarmes have equipped themselves with a fleet of 24 Alpine A110s, first in a “normal” version with a 4-cylinder turbocharged 252 ch then with the version Sstrong of 300 chjust as much as the offender’s GT!

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