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He returns from vacation with 41 kg of pebbles in his car!

A French tourist, who seems to have enjoyed the beaches of Sardinia, tried to bring them back en masse by car after his vacation.

This French tourist experienced an unexpected event when he was going to embark from the port of Porto Torres, in Sardinia. When entering the ferry, by car, the customs officers stopped him dead. The reason ? His vehicle contained 41 kg of stones and stones from Lampianu beach. The ground of this Sardinian beach is renowned for its beauty and protected. The thief faces a hefty fine.

His car was fully loaded!

In fact, this theft is punishable bya fine ranging from 500 to 3000 euros. And for good reason, it is a violation of the law prohibiting the theft of sand, shells and pebbles on the beaches of the famous Italian island. In any case, this is explained by the customs in its press release published last Tuesday. However, tourists do not really seem to realize the illegality of their action in view of the latest arrests. Difficult then to curb the phenomenon, unless there is repression.

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A funny custom…

As bizarre as it may seem, this French tourist is far from the first to try to bring such loot home. But as far as the pebbles he had, they will be sent back to Lampianu beach, from where they should never have left. If you have never gone swimming in this little corner of paradise, know that Sardinia is especially famous for its white sand beaches. The island is therefore a victim of its own success and every year many tourists try to bring sand from the beach. Some don’t even resell it afterwards, in bottles!

In 2019, a French couple tried to bring back 40 kg of sand in 14 large bottles in their car. It then came from the beach of Chia and took the direction of Toulon. If this law seems strange to you, know that it also exists in France and that it is stipulated in the Environmental Code: “The extraction of materials (…) is limited or prohibited when it risks compromising, directly or indirectly, the integrity of beaches, coastal dunes, cliffs, marshes (…)”.

A fine of 1,500 euros is even foreseen for those who would be tempted to steal sand, sand or shells.

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