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Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: a thermal or electric supercar

Surprise ! The biscione manufacturer is launching a new supercar: the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, which can be equipped with a combustion or electric engine!

In recent years, the news ofAlfa Romeo was very discreet: of course, the arrival of the Tonale brought a bit of renewal to the range of the Italian manufacturer, but the Giulia and Stelvio are now terribly aging, despite the arrival of a new special series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Quadrifoglio…

To revive public interest in its brand, Alfa Romeo has decided to strike hard: with this new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, not only is the biscione firm launching an exciting new supercar, inspired by the 1967 33 Stradale, but above all it offers the choice between a V6 engine or a 100% electric version. A now rare option, at a time when many manufacturers have bet on all-electric, to the detriment of any notion of automotive passion…

“With the new 33 Stradale, we wanted to create something that lives up to our history, serves the brand and makes Alfists proud. Such a result could only be achieved thanks to the expertise, work and passion of our team, with the support of a management that clearly has the ambition to write some of the chapters of the future of Alfa Romeo, while respecting its unique history. This is the brand’s first ‘fuoriserie’ car since 1969, and I promise it won’t be the last.”declared on this occasion Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Alfa Romeo brand.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: sculptural beauty

This new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale supercar is inspired by the historical model of 1967, while bringing a bit of modernity: the lines are sculpted and sporty, with a powerful front end, doors with scissor opening, large air intakes on the sides, carbon fiber inserts, rims 20 inches, not to mention a large wrap-around sunroof. The stern offers an aggressive style with a “V” design, two large round taillights, completed by an imposing extractor surrounded by four exhaust outlets. The aerodynamics are efficient, with a Cd of 0.375.

Inside the cockpit inspired by the 1967 33 Stradale, minimalism and sportiness are essential: the cabin removes all elements likely to distract the driver, with few buttons on the central console. In front of the driver, there is a 3D instrumentation screen, complete with a sporty steering wheel. On the roof, there are several buttons and switches for auxiliary controls, inspired by aviation. The interior is available in two trim levelswith noble materials: “Tributo” in leather and aluminium, as well as “Alfa Corse” combining carbon fiber and Alcantara.

Your choice of a gasoline V6 or an electric motor

The Alfa Romeo teams had the ambitious goal of offering the driving experience of a racing car, suitable for daily use on the road, without compromising comfort and ease of use. Under the hood, there is a engine V6 bi-turbo de 2.9 litersdeveloping more than 620 horsepower and mated to an 8-speed DCT gearbox. For lovers of electric motorizationa zero-emission alternative is also offered, with a total power of more than 750 horsepower and an autonomy of 450 km.

In both cases, the performances promise to be exceptional: 0 to 100 km/h is swallowed in less than 3 secondsfor a top speed of 333 km/h. A double-link suspension with active shock absorbers, as well as a front axle lift, ensure handling and comfort, while the Alfa Romeo Brake-By-Wire braking system with Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes provides performance high level.

As a tribute to its surname, the production of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, which will be carried out by the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, will be strictly limited to 33 copies : it goes without saying that they have all already been sold to wealthy collectors. Each of the future owners was asked by the brand’s “Bottega” team to personalize their new frame, as well as choose the serial number (VIN) of the frame: ZAR10533, followed by the last 8 digits of their choice, which will be engraved on the central tunnel.

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