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Currywurst back at Volkswagen

It is a victory of tradition over political correctness that has just been announced. Volkswagen has decided to reintroduce the famous typical German curry sausage on the canteen menu of its factories across the Rhine.

It may make you smile, but the decision taken a few years ago by the manufacturer had aroused a real stir among the employees of Volkswagen, and even beyond, in the rest of the country. Even Gerhard Schroeder, German Chancellor at the time, got involved. In the name of a “sustainable” approach that the brand wanted to apply at all levels of its activity, it was decided to offer healthier food in the canteens. In other words, more vegan. Goodbye, then, meat currywurst, hello strictly vegetable sausage.

original part

Appeared in Berlin after the Second World War, this sausage eaten with a sauce and curry powder, or with a curry ketchup, was however a real institution. It even later became the archetype of fast food throughout the country. Some 800 million are consumed each year in Germany. It was in 1973 that Volkswagen began to offer it in its canteens. Better: the industrial giant has its own butcher! The latter produces the currywursts that its employees enjoy and which are also sold in supermarkets in Lower Saxony. For the record, we note that before removing it from its menu, the brand produced some 6.8 million sausages a year, or more… than a car. It is therefore so “in the morals” of the brand, that the latter one day gives it a reference similar to its spare parts. Among the brake pads and door handles, the currywurst bears the reference ” Volkswagen original part (original VW part) 199 398 500 A ».

Sausage 1 – Well-meaning 0

Of course, Volkswagen hadn’t completely given up on a lucrative market. While no longer available in canteens, VW curryworst was still produced and sold commercially. Finally, the criticisms and protests from the manufacturer’s staff got the better of the “good intentions”. The traditional sausage is back in all the restaurants of VW’s German factories. But there is no question of bullying those who refuse to eat animal products. The meat sausage and its vegan alternative apparently live in courtesy on display shelves. And to date, there are no reports of fights (with sausages) between meat and vegans.

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