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In Marseille, taxi drivers are totally overwhelmed

In Marseille, taxis are totally overwhelmed due to the excessive influx of customers and are asking for help.

A few years ago, taxi drivers demonstrated in Paris and in some major cities in France against the arrival of Uber in our country. The latter feared losing their jobs to this platform, which generally displayed more advantageous prices and facilitated booking through the application. But since then, tensions seem to have eased, while taxi companies have evolved to catch up with their rival from the United States. And there is enough demand for everyone to have enough work. So much so that some would even have too many. This is particularly the case in the city of Marseille.

too many customers

Indeed, in the city of Marseille, drivers now complain of being totally overwhelmed, as explained by Saïd Djefaflia, president of LUTM (Locataires Union Taxi Marseille). He asserts that ” the cruise port, arrivals, the train station: taxis can no longer cope with increased demand of transport and today, I think that VTCs are taking a large part of our activity“. He then explains that the number of taxis is insufficient to meet the demand. And the reason would be simple: there would not be enough licenses available. What he wants to see changed.

More licenses

He goes on to explain that “ since 1995, 265 taxi licenses have been abolished in Marseille, going from 1,360 to 1,115“. The union now hopes to be able obtain 265 additional licenses, in order to make up for the lack and to be able to meet the needs. For the moment, the mayor of Marseille claims to have looked into the file, without saying more. However, this initiative may not be appreciated by some drivers who fear seeing their business drop.

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