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New Škoda Superb & Kodiaq: interiors

The all-new generations of the Škoda Superb and Kodiaq will hit the market in autumn 2023 and spring 2024 respectively. So it’s time to start lifting the veil. What the manufacturer offers today, starting with the interior.

Škoda is preparing to completely renew its top of the range. The Kodiaq SUV and the Superb, first in break version, then in sedan, are indeed in the starting blocks. The models have already been seen everywhere covered in camouflage, so it is not yet known exactly what they look like. On the other hand, the manufacturer has decided not to wait any longer to invite us on board. He has just published a few images which show apparently particularly neat interiors. And it’s not by chance…

Plush interior

As we can see, Škoda has obviously chosen to present us with rather high-end versions, with, for example, dashboards dressed in (imitation leather. But apart from that, we can clearly see that each in his own style, the interiors of the two models display sober and elegant forms, which will create a rather opulent atmosphere on board. But we especially remember the technological aspect of things.

Digital, but not only…

The instrument cluster is digitaland the center of the dashboard is dominated by the very generous 13” touch screen, which gives access to most of the car’s functions. Most, but not all, because Škoda has made the wise decision to keep some physical controls, especially for the air conditioning. It is also on this control module that we find a small innovation, of which the brand has exclusivity within the Volkswagen group. The rotary knobs of the air conditioning controls, whose center is occupied by small displays, also provide access to various functions. Let’s admit, it’s a small innovation that has nothing spectacular. But it is nevertheless rich in meaning.

Plan B

Because these small multifunction knobs are just one piece of the puzzle. Other parts include build quality which has apparently taken another pretty dramatic leap forward. There are technologies fitted to the chassis (in particular adaptive dampers with two valves), which will provide the two Škoda models with behavior of a rigor never seen before within the brand. There is an exterior design (which we were able to discover in preview, without camouflage, during an event organized at the beginning of the summer) frankly statutory. And finally there is the fact that it was the Škoda engineers who developed, alongside the Superb Combi, the brand new VW Passat SW. What do we see, putting all these pieces together? That Škoda has been entrusted with a major mission within the group: that of Volkswagen’s Plan B.

Read Skoda du futur?

As we know, the German brand has indeed vowed total electrification by 2030. Extremely risky bet than turning its back on the fringe of customers who will not be ready to go electric. Especially since it is impossible to predict whether this fringe will be a minority or a majority. Clearly, Skoda, which is electrifying with much more caution, is preparing to welcome with open arms those who will no longer be able to buy a thermal VW in 2030. This preparation work begins today, with a Superb and a Kodiaq which have a beautiful appearance, and offer themselves the luxury of inaugurating new technical solutions. We have our doubts about the strategy applied to the VW brand, but that of Škoda seems to us to be very well thought out.

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