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Drunk and without a tractor license because… he didn’t know it was forbidden!

While he wanted to try his new tractor, this unlicensed individual had just drunk a bottle of whisky.

The facts took place in Vendeuil-Caply (Oise). A man who had just received his new tractor wanted to try it right away. However, he was drunkwhich aroused suspicion around his dangerous driving. Arrested by the gendarmes, he was sentenced to eight months in prison on semi-freedom.

Uncontrollable in tractor

Bought on August 1, his tractor had never been used and this 40-year-old could not resist the pleasure of trying it out. He took it very badly, because his attitude led him to prison. The scene took place in the middle of the afternoon. The gendarmes were called to intervene in the village where a tractor with a trailer was causing panic. Indeed, the dangerous driving of the individual did not want to approach the road…

Arrested by the police, he was unable to provide his driver’s license. And for good reason, it had been canceled. As for his blood alcohol test, he showed 1.5 grams of alcohol in his blood. Placed in police custody in the process, he had to appear before the Beauvais criminal court the next day.

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He didn’t know he needed the permit

The alleged culprit obviously admitted the facts and his alcoholism problems. This man was already known to the police for similar facts involving drunk driving. At the time of his arrest, he had just come out of a 15-day rehab. But apparently this was not enough. According to him, the problem comes from the fact that his tractor had just been delivered to him and that he wanted to try it. But while preparing it, he came across a bottle of whiskey and he started drinking before going to get wood. Worse still, he tries to justify his behavior like this: “I worked on the farm from the age of 16, I didn’t need a license to drive a tractor”.

The prosecutor then replied that it was possible, but only in the context of an agricultural operation.

In front of the judges, the defendant tried to save the furniture: “I absolutely have to follow my treatment to get out of it”. As a repeat offender, he knew he risked prison. The judge initially asked for six months in prison as well as the revocation of a two-month reprieve, a warrant of committal at the hearing and the confiscation of the tractor.

But the lawyer pleaded for semi-freedom so that her client could be treated within a really strict framework. The latter ultimately inherited 8 months in prison on semi-freedom.

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