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He drives a car without a windshield and causes an accident!

The 19-year-old was driving without a license and was sentenced to one year in prison for acts dating back to July.

The facts took place close to Saint-Malo. A 19 year old young man caused an accident before fleeing. As he drove without a windshield, he caught the curiosity of a policewomanwho quickly challenged him. Author of several traffic offenseshe is risking a lot.

A suspicious car

According to the testimony of the driver he hit, the accident took place on Friday July 21, 2023. As she was driving on the expressway of the Rance dam, she saw a car driven by a young man from 19 years old, no license and no insurancerush at him: “He was slaloming at high speed between the vehicles. It could have been serious. Today, I no longer have a car to go to work. I requested an advance from my bank. »

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One year in prison

In front of the judges, the driver was much less enterprising. It must be said that he has already suffered from an accident and its aftermath in 2022. He had then ended up in a coma at the time…

This 19-year-old is not at his first attempt and he is known to the justice services, mainly for traffic offences. During his hearing, he explained that he took the road in a car bought for 100 euros. As the windshield bothered him, he removed it to see better. It is for this reason that he was spotted by the municipal police. The latter chased him with her flashing light and ordered him to stop. The offender then stopped but he uttered numerous insults to the official. In the parking lot of a nearby roadblock, the woman tried to call for reinforcements but she was without a radio.

She asked the court for 500 euros in moral damages. According to the defendant, he did not want to stop at first because it was dangerous to do so there. From now on, he will spend a year behind bars : “I will learn to read and revise the Highway Code”. When the judge asked him why he was driving without a license, he replied that he couldn’t help it, that he liked it too much… From now on, he will be deprived of his passion for two years and will have to compensate his victim ( 600 euros) and the policewoman (400 euros).

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