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Here is the new Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 benefits from a new look both outside and inside, but above all from improved autonomy! It can now travel up to 678 km per charge.

That’s it ! Tesla has finally updated its Model 3 after almost 6 years of marketing. And the least we can say is that the American manufacturer has rather applied. This mid-career facelift results in a new front bumper including new optics. In backthe evolutions are more timid with a Tesla badge now written in full on the trunk and new headlights. The American also benefits from new rims, tints and is also a bit longer. All these small changes allow him to greatly improve his autonomy!

New exterior and interior look

Tesla did not content itself with changing the bodywork of its entry-level sedan. The look of its dashboard has also been retouched. If it still only includes a single 15.4-inch central screen, it does, however, gain a new steering wheel as well as a light strip running across its entire width to end in the front doors. New ambient lighting also found at the rear. What we no longer find in the passenger compartment, however, are the switches on either side of the new steering wheel! The indicators have been moved to the left of the latter while the gear lever has simply disappeared. On the other hand, passengers will be able to take advantage of ventilated seats, while those installed on the back seat of a new 8-inch screen. Tesla also announces that the quality of materials and finishes as well as the soundproofing of the cabin have been improved.

Up to 678 km range

As we mentioned earlier, this new Model 3 also benefits from improved autonomy. The most basic version of the American electric sedan can now travel up to 513 km per charge and even 554 km if we keep the 18-inch rims! It still reaches 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, an exercise that Great Autonomy and its two motors complete in 4.4 s. As its name suggests, the latter can go even further with a full tank of ions: up to 629 km if fitted with 19-inch rims and up to 678 km when mounted on 18-inch! These two variants of the American have the same top speed of 201 km/h.

From 37.990 € thanks to the state

Autonomy, size, standard equipment, everything has increased on this new Model 3. Everything, except its price! The electric sedan is still available from €42,990 in France, and even €37,990 once the ecological bonus deducted. The price of the Long Autonomy version starts from 50,990 €. At this rate, she unfortunately cannot benefit from state aid. As for the Performance variant, it has for the moment been removed from the brand’s configurator. Deliveries of the first new Model 3 should take place between October and November 2023.

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