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BMW Vision Neue Klasse (IAA Munich 2023): the ultimate concept before the big leap

BMW continues to present concepts that give us a taste of the future of the brand. Live from Munich, BMW presents the Vision Neue Klasse concept.

The brand with the propeller presents us with a concept foreshadowing his future. here is BMW Vision New class (new class), ultimate iteration of the Bavarian manufacturer for the future. However, the latter looks different from BMW i Vision Circular et BMW i Vision Dee presented respectively in September 2021 and January 2023. It is in a way the meeting of these two concepts.

The future is on at BMW

Photo credit: BMW / BMW Vision New Klasse

nothing superfluous in the design of this concept. The lines are reduced to the essentials, although the presence of traditional design elements from BMW are there. The iconic dual grille and the Hofmeister Kink on the rear pillar. According to the brand, the design and stylistic lines of this concept will define the design of the next models from the mark to the propeller.

neue klasse 2

Photo credit: BMW/ BMW Vision New Klasse

The concept is coated with the color “Joyous bright”. A color friendly and turned towards the future for BMW. This contrasts with the dark tint of the bumpers and side skirts.

A bright and uncluttered interior

The interior of the Vision New class uses technologies from the concept i Vision Dee. We find for example the automatic opening of the doors when the driver approaches the car or the BMW Panoramic Visionan augmented reality head-up display that spans the full width of the windshield.

Photo credit: BMW / BMW Vision New Klasse

The concept also incorporates the next generation of BMW iDrive, the manufacturer’s ergonomic control interface. This allows the driver and passenger to interact with the information displayed on the Panoramic Vision.

High efficiency electric motors

With this concept, BMW unveils the sixth generation of the technology BMW eDrive. The brand promises “high energy efficiency” guaranteed by the optimization of weight and aerodynamics as well as intelligent heat management by the powertrain.

This is made up of several electric motors high yield. It incorporates new cylindrical battery cells with a higher energy density of more than 20 % to the cells used previously. With this sixth generation of BMW eDrivethe next models of the new class will have a recharge speed optimized up to 30 % in addition to an increase in their autonomy, again from 30 %.

Three concepts for three visions of the future

BMW i Vision Circular

Photo credit: Credits: BMW i Vision Circularpresented at the Munich Motor Show in September 2021, is entirely made of recyclable materials

The BMW i Vision Circular was the first of three to be featured. It was also presented at the last Hall of Munich, in 2021. The latter best embodies the green ambition of the Bavarian group, that of becoming a manufacturer the most durable in the high-end segment. Indeed, this concept is designed according to the principles of circular economy. It is a production model which consists of share, reuse, repair, renovate and recycle products and materials for extend the life cycle products over time.

BMW i Vision Dee

Photo credit: BMW Unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the BMW i Vision Dee is a futuristic sedan concept car that heralds the future of the brand’s digital experience.

The BMW i Vision Dee is much more recent since it was presented at the Las Vegas CES in January 2023. As a reminder, the CES is the most important exhibition dedicated to innovation and new technologies. That’s what the i Vision Dee is, a concentrate of innovation. This concept embodies, according to the brand, a certain vision of connected mobility. The goal is to integrate the human being into the digital environment. It embeds technologies from augmented realitybut also technology E Ink which allows you to change the exterior color of the car according to your wishes.

Today BMW presents the last element of its plan for the future, the BMW Vision New class. A sort of concentrate of the two previous concepts bringing with it the design of the brand’s future models.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse combines our ability to innovate in the essential areas of electrification, digital and circularity” said Olivier Zipse, Chairman of the Management Board of BMW AG.

By combining the new production methods with the i Vision Circular, the new technologies with the i Vision Dee, and the new design with the Vision Neue Klasse, add the three and you get BMW’s vision for its future !

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