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Audi Q6 e-tron (IAA Munich 2023): new interior, new start!

Audi has been teasing its next Q6 e-tron for a few months now. We were able to see it more closely in the form of a concept. The latter will be present at the Munich IAA Mobility 2023 trade fair.

Au Munich Fair (IAA Mobility 2023), Audi presents its concept of the future Audi Q6 e-tron. If the brand is not yet ready to reveal the exterior design of this new SUV in view of the camouflage, it is the interior of the next production version that is revealed to the general public!

A sustainable interior

Depending on the trim level of this new Q6 e-tron, different interiors and equipment will be available. A lot of elements of this new model are made from recycled and/or sustainable materials. In finishing S Linefor example, Audi uses fabric made from 100% recycled polyester for the cabin.

That’s not all since the various surfaces of the dashboard are supplied as standard in a gray paintwork, some of which are made from renewable raw material. The same goes for the floor mats, which will be made in Econyl. A material made from fishing nets, carpets and recycled industrial waste.

Always more technological

More and more screens

The dashboard has two large screens that cover almost the entire surface in width. The first panoramic screen curved is facing the driver and extends to the middle of the dashboard. It is composed of 11.9-inch Virtual Cockpit and it is supported by a huge touch screen of 14.5 inches. The latter reminds us of the same central screen that equips the current Volkswagen Touareg.

Then the passenger screen of 10.9 inches will mainly serve to distract the latter. Rest assured, a privacy mode is present with shutter technology so as not to disturb the driver when the passenger is watching a movie, for example. However, this screen is not just for that. It can, among other things, display the navigation so that the passenger can act as copilot.

Photo credit: Audi Audi Q6 e-tron passenger screen

The interior of this Q6 e-tron integrate the augmented reality optional in its head-up display system. Through the windshield, the driver will have a whole lot of information in front of him. Indeed, he will be able to watch his speed, the road signs, the assistance icons as well as the navigation. Audi announces that the driver of this next Q6 e-tron will have the impression that these different information are floating up to 200 meters in front of it and that it interacts directly with the environment.

a234563 large

Photo credit: Audi Augmented reality head-up display

3D sound system and voice assistant

The system Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 3D sound is available as an option in this new Q6 e-tron. According to Audi, this system offers maximum acoustic precision. In total, these are no less than 22 speakers who will deliver up to 830 watts in the cabin. With this option, you will have four speakers present in the headrests of the front seats.

Additionally, the Q6 e-tron incorporates l’assistant vocal. It is triggered when users say the phrase “Hey Audi”. They can, among other things, ask the assistant to look for the nearest charging station. For the first time in a vehicle of the brand, this assistant will take the form of an avatar which will be directly present in the “Audi Assistant” dashboard as well as in the head-up display in augmented reality.

After the sound, the light

Audi integrates in this new Q6 e-tron a brand new system mood lighting. The latter interacts directly with the occupants, enveloping the car’s interior and cockpit.

Photo credit: Audi Bande de LED Q6 e-tron

It takes the form of a light strip made up of light-emitting diodes. A play of light occurs when the vehicle is locked and unlocked, when the direction indicators are triggered or when the vehicle is charging (view the photo).

A new platform for better habitability

This SUV will be built on an unprecedented platform made in collaboration with Porsche, the plate-forme PPE (Premium Platform Electric). He will share the latter with the next Porsche Macan EV.

The center console has two cupholders, a smartphone charging space and two charging ports. The absence of a central tunnel provides better space for rear passengers.

Photo credit: Audi Rear seats Audi Q6 e-tron

The trunk itself offers 526 liters and extends to 1,529 liters when the row of rear seats is folded down, i.e. substantially the same space as the current one Audi Q5. However, as it is an electric car, another trunk is located at the front, providing new additional storage space of 64 liters. Convenient for storing charging cables or small travel bags.

Q6 e-tron: the precursor

L’Audi Q6 e-tron wants to be the vehicle that will transform the brand with the four rings in one leader in the field of electric mobility. This model paves the way for Audi’s all-electric future. It is in any case the will from the German brand.

And Audi has it great ambitions with this Q6 e-tron, it also has something for his future. On the occasion of the big Audi press conference which was held on 16 mars 2023the CEO of the brand Marcus Duesmann made of big announcements. Indeed, he has announcement that the brand was going to present not less than 20 new models by 2025 and that by 2027, Audi was going to have a 100% electric model in each segment of its range. The first of them being this famous Audi Q6 e-tron.

A very important issue

You would have understood it, Audi is a tipping point of its history. The Q6 e-tron is the model that goes dive the manufacturer in all-electric, although the brand has already models of this type in its current range.

It will also inaugurate a new facility pour assembly of the batteries from Audi. Add to all this a revised electronic architecture as well as a technology very innovative of charge and of battery and you get the model of the future of the mark with the four rings.

And on the style side?

Photo credit: Audi / Audi Q6 e-tron

Despite this camouflage, this concept adopts futuristic lines while keeping the original style des SUV Audi.

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