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This driver has a bull as his co-driver!

On a road in Nebraska, in the United States, an individual was driving for a ride with his bull when he was arrested.

The events took place in the state of Nebraska, in the USA. Motorists and bikers who have crossed the road to this unusual convoy must have thought it was a hallucination. And for good reason, the driver, Lee Meyer, was transporting in the passenger seat of his Ford Crown Victoria an 800 kilo bull !

When a bull overtakes the car…

Obviously, the video made the rounds of the net. Howdy Doody’s owner, the watusi bull, never separates from his favorite animal. And too bad if it is a bit bulky! This cattle, originally from East Africa, is lucky to have a master who takes care of him with so much affection. He even fitted out his old Ford to allow him to travel comfortably. Equipped with a barrier in order to be able to attach the beast, this vehicle is also devoid of half of the roof and the windshield.

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The police are laughing yellow

Unfortunately, this trip was disrupted by the police. Indeed, as you might have guessed, it is forbidden, even in the United States, to drive with a bull in the passenger seat. The police therefore reported the traffic violation to the motorist, who was asked to turn around. However, this is not the first time that this individual has been talked about. In 2019, he had already tried to travel with such an animal by his side.

Here are the images of this powerful duo, to give you an idea of ​​the danger it represents for other vehicles:

According to the police, their surprise was great at the time of intervening, because the telephone call alerting them had not specified the details of the convoy: “It was a huge surprise. We all expected it to be a smaller animal like a calf that would fit in a vehicle, not the big beast we discovered there. »

Lee Meyer’s excuse for transporting his bull may make you smile, but he was dead serious: “My bull likes to feel the wind pass over his face when we go for walks. »

Without mercy, the local police officers gave him a warning for obstruction of vision and unsecured loading. This exceptional convoy should therefore no longer be talked about for a long time, given the reprimands of the police…

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