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Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept (IAA Munich 2023): the 1st electric bombinette!

Volkswagen is taking advantage of the 2023 Munich Motor Show to present the first electric GTI in its history. Currently in concept form, the VW ID. GTI is ID-based. 2 ALL unveiled earlier this year.

The Wolfsburg constructor unveils on the eve of theIAA Mobility 2023 a completely new sports concept based on theID. 2 ALL. Here’ID. GTIwhich reinterprets the three-letter appellation for the first time on a electric model almost 48 years to the day after the world premiere of the Golf GTI in 1975.

The first real battery-powered GTI?

With this concept of ID. GTI, Volkswagen would like to update experience and the driving sensations of a GTI on a compact electric model. If the pleasure of shifting gears on a thermal racing car is no longer, the engineers have still tried to keep the typical driving sensations of a GTI as best as possible. Always in Front-wheel Drivethe future bombinette will always have lots of horsepower under the hood but above all the advantage of a instant torque thanks to its electric motor.

But the Wolfsburg firm wanted to go even further. The concept car, like the current generation of the legendary Golf GTI, is also equipped with a front axle transverse lock, but this time its electronic regulation is ensured by a dynamic behavior manager. A first on an electric model.

A customizable driving experience

If the “I” in the acronym GTI means “injection”, today it takes on a new meaning by being synonymous d’intelligence. The production model will thus offer a intelligent management dynamic behavior, with an ultra-efficient transmission.

Volkswagen also wants to make the driving experience customizable. With the ” GTI experience command Presented as a button on the center console, the driver can change many parameters on the fly: transmission behavior, road behavior, steering, sound, and even simulated shift points to relive the GTI electric experience. Only theAbarth 500e in the competition, the latest similar 100% electric sports model, offers a similar experience with the integration of a subwoofer under the floor as an engine sound. It remains to be seen what the ID. GTI series reserves us as real sensations once on the road!

« With ID. GTI Concept, the DNA of the GTI is part of the electric era: still just as sporty, iconic, technologically advanced and accessible. However, it is reinterpreted for the future: electric, fully connected and highly emotional. Driving pleasure and durability go hand in hand. This is the future of the GTI, for our brand, for the fans. This model is an integral part of our electric offensive. An everyday VW sports car for the electric age: 100% electric, 100% emotion. Thomas Schäfer, Volkswagen Brand Director.

A small bombinette design

The Volkswagen ID. GTI, is logically based on the ID. 2 ALL in terms of design, namely an affordable mainstream car planned for 2025. But as with all GTIs, this future bombinette will adorn itself with some distinctive sports appendages.

The grille, for example, sports a sporty red piping initials of “GTI” letteringbelow a LED headband, characteristic of the latest ID models from Volkswagen. The lower part of the bumper is meshed in the shape of a honeycomb and side scoops allow air to circulate, thus improving aerodynamics and cooling of the brakes.

In terms of template, the concept of ID. GTI measures 4.10 meters long pour 1.49 meters high et 1.84 meters wide. The wheelbase is quite large with 2.60 meters and the overhangs are very short.

For the rest, the sports car sports a look that is faithful to the original little bombinette, with a packed back and large Alloy Wheels of 20 inches. The taillights are also heavily inspired by the ID concept. 2 ALL, using the “floating” double LED square design. The silhouette of the GTI of the future ends with a spoiler which slightly improves the aerodynamics of the car. In the lower part, the rear diffuser, split into two parts, is quite muscular.

Finally, Volkswagen does not skimp on the trunk volume and announcement 490 liters loading. The latter even extends to 1,330 liters once the seats are folded down.

A unique interior

Inside, the ID. GTI is obviously inspired by its elder, the original Golf GTI. THE sports seats for example, are adorned with reinterpreted plaid patterns and feature a light pulse sensor baptized « GTI Heartbeat ». The steering wheel has a three-spoke design and a “Power up” button adopts a texture reminiscent of a golf ball, which evokes the charm of old gear levers.

Several screens are present, with a slab facing the driver and a huge rectangular central screen of 12.9 inches. Under the screen, two induction charging spaces are present. Finally, a “GTI mode” allows you to activate specific ambient lighting, all in red.

The same platform as the ID.2 ALL

On the technical side, Volkswagen remains very stingy with information. One thing is certain, the sportswoman will use the same platform MEB-Entry of the ID.2 All. The manufacturer insists on the lightweight of the concept and the final model, which will be lightened as much as possible to ensure good autonomy.

Regarding the electric motors available and the power of the batteries, VW does not indicate any figures for the time being. See you at the IAA in Munich on September 5 to see the concept in real life!

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