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Back from vacation: dirty windshield, watch out for the fine!

If you have a dirty windshield when you return from vacation, beware! Indeed, you risk a fine. Here’s why !

When we come back from vacationit is possible that the car is particularly sale. Whether you’ve gone to the beach, to the mountains or even in the countrysideyour vehicle recovers the dirt.

These settle on several places Like on bodywork but also on the windshield. A situation that can cause a fine.

A specific article on the subject

The Highway Code is quite clear on this subject: you must have a clean car when you drive.

The reasons are simple: to have good visibility and therefore to questions security for you and other users.

To get a trace of this rule, you must go to the Highway Code and read l’article R316-4 which indicates :

“The windscreen of motor vehicles must be fitted with at least one windscreen wiper having an action surface, power and frequency sufficient for the driver to be able to see the road clearly from his seat. Any operation likely to reduce the safety characteristics or the conditions of transparency of the windows is prohibited. »

A fine of 68 euros

In the event of non-compliance with this article of the Highway Codeyou expose yourself to a fine third class of 68 euros. This can be reduced to 45 euros in case of prepayment.

Attention car the fine can happen if your windshield is particularly salebut also if none of the windscreen wipers work or if there is no more washer fluid.

Before hitting the road again in direction of your work, feel free to check all your equipment. A complete check-up is welcomeas we explain here.

If you need to do a major cleaning, remember to do attention so as not to scratch the different elements.

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