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Fisker Pear: more details about it

Fisker will be present with its Pear at the Munich Motor Show. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to reveal more details about it, including the autonomy of the different versions!

Fisker has been telling us about se Pear for many months. It is a small electric SUV whose base price is supposed to start under $30,000. And if we were finally able to discover its design this summer, we finally know a little more about it. The American manufacturer has just revealed more details about its technical data sheet, including the autonomy of the different versions.

A practical and fun SUV

Smaller than the current Fisker Ocean, the SUV Pear measures approximately 4.55 m long. However, this should not prevent it from being as practical as its big brother. In particular, it has a “Houdini” trunk whose trunk is hidden in the rear bumper. It will also have a second and small volume of loading under its hood which will open like a drawer. More fun than practical: a Lounge mode allows all the seats to be folded down completely, including those of the passenger and driver. The objective is to create a completely flat floor so that all vehicle occupants can rest or take advantage of the 17.1-inch rotating screen to watch a film! The passenger seat and the central console can, as an option, be replaced by a two-seater bench seat. As a result, the Pear can carry up to 6 passengers.

320 or 560 km range

As with most electric vehicles, several versions of the Pear will be offered. Their autonomy will vary between 320 and 560 km. There will also be a rear-wheel drive variant and a second 4-wheel drive variant. Fisker announces a 0 to 100 km / h shot in 6.8 s, but we do not know for which version… Finally, a high performance variant called Extreme will also be present in the catalog.

From $29,900

This small Pear SUV will be based on a new lightweight steel architecture and using 35% fewer components than its competitors. This should reduce production costs, at least according to Fisker. The brand also confirms for the umpteenth time that the price of its Pear will start well from 29,900 dollars. A price that does not include any state aid. When converted at the current exchange rate, this represents just over 27,500 euros. In reality, we imagine that the basic version will very slightly exceed 30,000 euros with us. For the more curious, know that Fisker will be present in particular with its Pear at the Munich Motor Show. The manufacture and first deliveries of this new model are scheduled for July 2025.

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